The Future of my Musings

For being new to this whole “having a website” thing, I have to say that it’s going pretty well so far. There are the expected learning curves (several of them this morning and afternoon, even), but beyond that things are pretty good. And then I had to decide what to write about for the blog part.

A lot of the advice about writing websites and blogs that I sought out and received told me to have a theme. The only problem with that is I’m a “jack of all trades, master of none” kind of person. I mean, I write, but I don’t even stay within the same genre a lot of the time. I play music, but I don’t actually write about it that often. At the moment, I’m not in a position where I can give writing career advice that hasn’t already been given by people with way more experience. I was at a bit of a loss.

But then, and if you don’t know me personally this will sound strange, I realized that I really like DVD special features. For a time, I wanted to work in the film industry, and the special features sections on DVDs—the commentary, the early storyboards, the goings-on behind the scenes, etc.—were the reason why. In creative projects, film included, we so often only get to see the finished product, which isn’t a bad thing, but I love seeing the process. The spark of new life and love that goes into raising an idea from its inception and watching it grow into a full-blown project that you created is empowering, heartwarming, and contagious. In the case of film especially, it’s the combined effort of a lot of creative people working on something they love, and watching them talk about it is so beautiful.

Digressions are also something I’m prone to. Anyway. That’s the kind of tone and subject matter I’m shooting for with the blog posts: “DVD Special Features Menu.” I could be providing musings on tropes, supplementary material for published pieces, things that inspire me, or something that neither you nor I could think of right now. For all I know, we could both be surprised, but hopefully entertained and enlightened as well. Posts from this point forward will be divided into “news” and “blog” categories: the news posts will be mostly business-oriented and shorter, and the blog posts will be more creative but considerably longer.

As for schedule, let’s tentatively say that I’ll update with posts of either type on Wednesdays and Saturdays unless otherwise noted. I think twice a week sounds reasonable, and I could scale up or down depending on how comfortable I get with regular updates, but for the time being that’s what you should expect from me.

I’ll see you folks again on Saturday.