Small Update

I just have a small piece of business today—the backlog of blog posts that I had were eaten in what I’m affectionately referring to as “DesktopGate.” I have plenty of time coming up to work on more so that you can have a proper update, but for now you get the “boring but important” kind of stuff.

I’ve added a page to the website with links to my past work. This should give you a better idea of the kinds of things I can do outside of my posts here: I’ve written everything from list-based articles to personal essays to technical writing to poetry. I’d love it if you gave what’s there a look, and keep checking back, because I plan on keeping that page updated.

If you can’t wait until my next update, I do a lot of writing on Twitter as @GretchenTuronek. You can generally find my most creative posts in #twitterfiction and very occasionally #sixwordstory and its derivatives, but on Fridays I use #fp (and I highly recommend checking out the host account @FridayPhrases as well—the entire community is very welcoming and supportive, and I think the hosts have a lot to do with it).

Like I said, if all continues to go well, I’ll get some proper updates in next week. For now, though, I invite you to enjoy some light reading.