About Gretchen

Gretchen Turonek is a writer, blogger, and content creator. Her interest in books started young; her interest in fantasy and science fiction probably started not too long after that; and her interest in tabletop role-playing games was a fairly recent development after years of denying that they were relevant to her interests and worth giving a try. The first piece she remembers writing for an audience was a heavily R.L. Stine-influenced short story written in elementary school in which the protagonist attends a haunted school, but the twist ending reveals she was the ghost the whole time: this probably explains a lot about how her mind works.

Gretchen graduated from Albion College with a degree in English with a creative writing emphasis and a philosophy minor because words are great and she was too squeamish for anything to do with medicine. She worked as a peer consultant in the writing center, spent a lot of time in the music department playing trumpet or being a drum major, and took many classes outside of her departments where she learned information that occasionally gets used for worldbuilding and faking her way through a lot of conversations.

In addition to freelance content writing and her website, her writing has appeared in Backlog Magazine, The Asexual, and a few other places around the internet. Right now, she’s working on small pieces of fiction, essays, and TTRPG content along as well as substantially rewriting a novel manuscript (tentatively called Kingmaker) with the goal of independent publication.

Gretchen lives in southeast Michigan with her husband and cat. When she’s not writing or reading, she’s spending at least one night a week trying to make an entire table of her friends cry over fictional characters and their feelings. She has also been known to watch movies and shows and overthink them, out loud, to anyone unfortunate enough to be in earshot. Of her social media platforms, she’s the most talkative on Twitter, but can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads.